Nov 19, 2009

FREE 200 Credits for New EntreCard Members

For a limited time only, EntreCard is offering new users FREE 200 credits when they become active members of the Entrecard community.

Just follow this link and let the fun begin:

It's a free blogging network that helps you build traffic, get more readers, and network with other bloggers. You put a 125×125 widget on your blog and you can earn “EC credits” when members visit your blog. You can use the “credits” to purchase advertising on other blogs in our network.

Sep 28, 2009

She Told Me To Earn Money Through Adsense Revenue Sharing Program

I just joined this Adsense Revenue Sharing Program a few weeks ago.  It is one of the best ways to make a little extra money with absolutely no effort.  What is so unique about this program is that you can submit your favorite articles from the web!

This basically means that you can simply submit the articles (regardless of who is the author and where) and draw your share from earnings!  Its just that simple... 

How to Start: You don’t need to write articles, You don’t need to bother about copyrights, You don’t need to monitor or care about Google AdSense Terms & Conditions. Just fulfill these 6 steps to earn…

  1. Submit your AdSense publisher id

  2. Discover the content on web

  3. Submit, Share it with your friends and ask them to vote

  4. Get on to first page

  5. Earn your share

How SheToldMe Works: SheToldMe is democratizing digital media. As a user, you participate in determining all site content by discovering, selecting, sharing, and discussing the news, and videos that appeal to you. Here are the steps showing how it works in reality…

  1. Submit your favorites

  2. Get voted for that submission

  3. Reach on to top page by getting more votes

  4. You will see 3 AdSense ad units on the article page serving your AdSense publisher id

  5. Wait to get clicks on your AdSense units

  6. Draw money directly from your AdSense account

SheToldMe Referrals: Still you can make some extra money by referring your friends/visitors. When you refer someone and he/she submits an article at SheToldMe, you will see one ad unit serving your AdSense publisher id among the 3 ad units displayed in the article page.

So, in this way you will get some extra money and even more by referring good amount of people there. SheToldMe is just growing and there is lot of scope for us to earn money by joining now itself. All this revenue sharing is for life time, that means, your ad units will stay for life on your submitted article pages.

I feel this is the unique concept I saw till now on web and believe it rocks in future. I just submitted couple of articles and planned to submit 1 or 2 articles daily. I planned to take it as long term assignment to see some steady flow of income.

I recommend you to participate in this type of long term benefit programs which costs you nothing. This way I want to see you all making more money :) 

Read more on Revenue sharing program from SheToldMe or click the following:

What Do you think of this Revenue sharing concept?   Share with me!   Happy Blogging!!

Sep 20, 2009

How to Get Your Child a Free Winter Jacket If You Have Low Or No Income

Coat by emilyivey.

As it gets a little bit colder outside, many of you wondering what type of coat you are going to wear this winter.  In fact, you are hoping that there maybe a sale soon so that you can go purchase coats for your children.  Well, I have good news for you!!!  Once you click the below link, you will learn how to get a free winter coat if you have low income or no income.

All I ask, is that you tell a friend and refer them to this site :)


              FREE COATS